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In Collaboration with the Halton Catholic District School Board and Halton Learning Lodge, Grandmother’s Voice continues to share Indigenous knowledge in communities.  Building bridges from relationship building to education will be the way our nation moves towards reconciliation.  Become involved in any capacity.  Our relationships are expanding, and everyone is included in our journey shoulder to shoulder.  Email to get involved.

Grandmother's Voice Platform and online Community is a safe, secure community and welcoming network where Indigenous Elders and Knowledge Holders can share their contact info, services and ·         

A safe space that will allow ways of locating like-minded individuals. Promote each other, share in healing and history created, relationships formed, and guidance provided. ·

Becoming a member through a vetted process encourages an integral community to protect our culture and our coming faces.  Grandmother’s Voice Platform will give Indigenous Voices an opportunity to build community, market their gifts, their business, themselves, and their messages.  


Grandmother’s Voice is a uniting of all relations who are moving towards the healing of our Nation.  Indigenous people who are living by the Ethics of the Great Law of Peace continue their dedication to share teachings for the future of our coming facies and of all humankind.

The Vision of Grandmother's Voice is to create a safe, secure community and network that supports the Original People of our Nation.  Through the pursuit of the Truth and Reconciliations Calls to Action, the Indigenous people and culture has continued to be exploited.  Coming together to create a structure that will benefit its family members is essential for the prosperity and well being of this collective. It is societies inherent responsibility and corporate social responsibility, to protect our most vulnerable.  As this platform continues to develop and build capacity, our objective towards understanding history and The Original People of this land can be accomplished shoulder to shoulder. Like the braided sweetgrass, we are stronger together.  This unity will protect and support each other while creating a prosperous opportunity in society for all members.

Through mentoring, personal development, culture sensitivity training and education opportunities, Grandmother’s Voice will offer resources and support for all family and extended family members.  By Family we refer to all people and organizations who believe in coming together to learn and grow through the ethics of the Kaswentha-Two Row Wampum - a commitment to sustaining our relationships.