Ancestral Voices Healing Centre is located on the Six Nations territory in balmy Southern Ontario Canada. My Centre has operated since 2007 . 
Enjoy Our NEW LOCATION is less than 1 minute away at 2066 Chiefswood Rd.  Ohsweken at the corner of 5th Line and Chiefswood Rd. Almost opposite Ohsweken Speedway .  It is an unique blend of modern drug free alternative practitioners and Traditional Native Healing.  This vision was that of Gail Whitlow, owner and operator of Ancestral Voices.  
The Great Law of Peace or the "Good Mind" is a powerful concept that is simply a "Way of Life" that helps one to live in harmony and balance with ourselves, family , friends, communities and the world with our Mother, the Earth.

It is the dream of this centre to offer choices in our personal self healing that reflect that balance.  All nations of humans are welcome at any time.


​Spiritual path for me is that of the pipe and ceremony. Many sacrifices were made as the calls for all the preparation work were answered. One does not need to fast unless a dream, vision or gut feeling leads them in that direction. One does not need to fast every year forever. To follow the sundance path is a way of life as we weed out all the negative forces and strive to work with the light. It takes a strong mind to overcome some of those challenges. When ceremonies take place- work, family and monetary desires fade for a time as the commitment to the ceremony take precedence. Ceremony need not be only that of your particular tribe or nation or country. A ceremony is done to create a way for our being to attain happiness, love and understanding. As we shed our cloaks of pain and memories that no longer serve us, our spirit starts to grow strong and radiant. These “spiritual moments” are then passed to our family and life and we start to make a difference.

The teaching of our nations within traditional society are quite strict and the rules are many. Modernization has turned some of these into wives tales and some of the values have been fading. There are efforts being made in some but not all communities to bring back the ceremonies of birth and puberty to our young. There has been a surge of people going back to our cultural roots to learn these methods.



Simplicity is the answer, we have to realize we are what we eat, we are what we think we are and we do have free will. We are the ones we have been waiting for. Meditation brings us to those portals where we have insight into the past, present and future. Like the newborn, it is a spiritual experience to choose the parents you want to come into this world, to choose the lessons that will serve you in finding that spiritual balance. We learn to be responsible yet not to let mistakes hinder our growth. We need mistakes to help with this balance. Meditation helps us to link to that highly spiritual being that exists within us all.



There is a misconception that everything was perfect before Columbus came to our shores. This is simply not the case. Many times in history, we have forgotten our values, turned to cannibalism, been out of balance. During these times, prophets would come and help us find the path to peace, power and righteousness. We would then go from dark times to the light to the dark to the light. The Chinese term this Yin Yang. Sometimes the prophets would come in the form of maidens. They would use the guise of beauty to influence the minds of the people to restore this balance. These prophets still walk among us, bringing back the peace that we have in our hearts. They simply help with finding that balance. Look at the hearts of the people bringing back these teachings. Each person that has the desire to create positive change is like these prophets of history.