Who are we

We are Sacred Medicine Helpers, Knowledge Keepers, Wisdom Seekers; many harmonious beings with one mind, one heart. Together, we grow through sharing our awareness, understanding, experiences, knowledge and healing journeys. We are vessels for change! 

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Our Story

 We hear the Ancestral Voices deep within us. We help to awaken Ancient Guided Connection, providing stepping stones for you to discover,
understand and enhance your gifts of creation; thereby assisting you in stepping into knowing your place
in this world and your connection to all that is.
Bridging Modern Medicine with Traditional Medicine.
Provide Holistic Healing~ Spirit, Emotion, Mind and Body.
Mentor Community in Healing, Health and Empowerment.
Supporting practitioners in building clientele base and confidence on their Healing Path.
Provide support, guidance and resources to encourage children, youth and adults to move in a
meaningful direction.
Reconnect the World with the original instructions of Peace.

Meet Our Practitioners


Amanda (Boodhoo) Harper-Young 

Gail Whitlow~ Owner / Visionary

Born into the Mohawk Nation of the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) – Six Nations Confederacy.  Mother of 5, Grandmother of 15.  Gail resides on the Six Nations of the Grand River Territory First Nation.
Owner– Ancestral Voices Healing Centre (since 2007) 
Owner  - Land of the Dancing Deer.  A ceremonial land and site of land based healing.
Founder– Sacred Sites Sacred Journey’s – Spiritual journey's to Sacred Sites
Founder– Ohsweken Clinic and Pharmacy.  An addiction recovery clinic.
Co-Founder– Grandmothers Circle the Earth: Create Circles, Gatherings, and Councils; sharing Sacred Creation Stories and Wisdom Teachings around the World. 
Co-Founder– Grandmothers Voice: Bringing grassroots ideas for implementation through grandmother circle initiatives
Pipe Carrier, Traditional Healer, Medicine Keeper, Helping others on their healing journey through counsel, therapies and helping one to understand how to activate their personal healing journey. Massage Therapist (Relaxation, Aromatherapy, Hot Stone, Seated Chair), Reflexology, Reiki (Master and other advanced levels), Therapeutic Touch (Advanced levels), Jin Shin High Touch Acupressure, Quantum Touch, Crystal Therapy, Energy Balancing, Hypnosis, Phytotherapy, others

The path to peace is a lifelong journey of personal development.  My role is to assist those with a desire to walk a healing path.  Sharing culture, ceremony, knowledge, medicine, healing modalities and more through workshops, individual sessions and lectures.

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Amanda (Boodhoo) Harper-Young 

Amanda (Boodhoo) Harper-Young

Osteopathic Manual Practitioner for 7 years. 

 Reiki Practitioner for 13 years currently holding a Master Student Degree. Four Directions Mentoring Co-Creator and Nature Connections Mentor. 

Retired Registered Massage Therapist from practice of 15-year.


Friend, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Mother to two children plus one fur baby~ cat “Hendrix”.

Amanda says her healing journey began many life times ago. Starting off as an intuitive healer at a young age but has been carrying as a profession for 15 years now.

Amanda made her way to Massage Therapy School graduating in March 2006 and became a Registered Massage Therapist in June 2006. She began taking continuing education courses with Scapular Stretch & Rotator Cuff Release 2008, Neuromuscular Integration & Structural Alignment 2008, Introduction to Doula Training 2009, Ortho-Bionomy 2009, Reiki First and Second Degree completed twice 2008-2016 (13 years practice with Reiki). Now working towards her Masters with Andrea Connell of New Leaf Metaphysics. Returning to school in 2010 with Osteopathic College of Ontario. Graduating as an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner June 2014 (7 years practicing). After all that learning she felt the need to return to her passions, seeking Mentorship with Shore Charnoe & Richard Szponarski of Circle for Change and Gary James aka Grandfather Blackbear (Anishinaabe Ojibwe Elder) from 2013-present. Where I found guidance with Indigenous Wisdom, Storytelling, Nature Connections, Regenerating Culture, Reclaiming Natural Connection, Stepping into Natural Design, Village Building, Sacred Economics, Kamana, Red Road, 8 Archetypes of Nature Connections, and Ancient Methods of Healing. Her Mentors encouraged her to follow up with Empowering Ancient Ways of Sticks and Stones Wilderness School, which she followed through with in April 2014 learning primitive skills. Then Art of Mentoring with Pine Project being her next venture August 2014 to explore experiential village building and learning to mentor others. She feels she took away so much and still to this day sees the new lessons gained from that week but it certainly needed a pause. Deciding to further her education in Visceral Vascular Manipulation with Toronto Academy of Osteopathy in 2016 as she is required to keep up her education. Amanda was then gifted an opportunity to become a Grief Ed-Therapy Specialization acquiring Certification in 2018. This led to Design for Peace with 8 Shields Institute 2019, Trauma Recovery 2019, HeartMath Certification for Stress, Anxiety, Emotional Management 2020 with biofeedback, and returned to basics with Standard First Aid and CPR Renewal February 2021~ First Aid 4 U. Now that she has joined Ancestral Voices Healing Centre, she has been initiated into the healing energies of Munay-Ki “Love Energy” finishing the nineth rite in July 2021. Such A blessing,  and much Thanks to Donna Stares.

This continued learning is a lot when looking at it on paper, all these words can seem overwhelming so we bring it back to one symbol in our minds eye. The spiral: forever cycling. Cycle upon cycle turning into this beautiful flower of life. 

While feeding Amanda's own learning journey she has also been co-creating Four Directions Mentoring with Layla Black since 2017. Four Directions has developed many mentoring programs such as: Exploring Nature Connections, Healing with Nature, Marketing Model, Children’s Model, Parenting Model, Building Foundation for the Future, Following a Peaceful Path and much more.

If you feel drawn to connect, please call out and introduce yourself! 

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Amanda (Boodhoo) Harper-Young 

Wyn Andress

Wyn Andress; Soul Doula, registered with the Association for Integrative Psychology, is passionate about supporting & empowering clients to clear away old beliefs, fears & habits that hold them back from greater health & their highest potential. Using intuition, Wyn draws upon her various certifications in Yoga, Meditation, Celtic Reiki, Karmic Regression Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Hypnosis & Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming so clients can transition from challenges to birthing a life of grace, ease & peace!
Feel free to connect with me, to set up a free 20-minute discovery call.

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Amanda (Boodhoo) Harper-Young 

Nokomis Migizinz Cindilee

Anishinaabe Maliseet British French, North East Ontario & New Brunswick ancestral territory. Wolf Clan, Grandmother Bundle Carrier Seer, Sage Healer, Metaphysical Teacher, Spiritual Medium. Reverend Nokomis Migizinz has offered healing work, spiritual advising for 25+ years. She has provided healing work and spiritual insight locally, internationally and has traveled extensively throughout Canada, USA and UK.  As a Spiritual Advisor, Seer, Coach, and Spiritual Medium my journey to understand the world of spirit, healing and mystic practice began when I was 10 years of age. At the age of 10, I experienced a Near Death Experience through drowning. The latent gifts given at birth, foretold images, visions, and intuitive knowing was increased after this experience.
I began to study the tarot in 1992 along with various holistic healing energy systems and wellness modalities.  With a very clear connection to my helpers (guides), known as the Council to me now, I was led to mentor and practice traditional healing work of my ancestry as an Indigenous woman. With over 15+ years mentoring with traditional teachers and earning the Rite to carry medicine healing practice.  My study and application of the medicinal healing with plants is my daily practice for myself and is held in my family passed down. The opportunity to have been blessed to study various teachers USA, Canada and UK in energy systems of healing and bodywork (Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Aromatherapist and Reflexologist, crystal and stonework healing) has lead to strengthen the pathway of healing on multi-dimensional levels of one's spirit. 
She is a member of Grandmother's Voice a body of unified Indigenous People creating a safe space for education, cultural and practices. In strengthening the lives of Indigenous People through healing, reclaiming identity and rebuilding relationships. She is also an active member of Public Advisory for the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority and the Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Committee in Niagara. 
Published work of Author Grandmother Nupa Maka "So The Teachings May Live", available on Amazon.
She is working toward her Master Degree in Metaphysics 2021 and Doctrine Degree in Metaphysics 2022.  She is also in current study Certification in Mediumship with Trilogy College Lily Dale, USA.

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Amanda (Boodhoo) Harper-Young 

Sage RavenStar

Over the past 30 years, Sage has walked many paths that have aided her in becoming who she is today. Her story began with the old traditions of the Goddess and years of studying Indigenous Teachings. She now walks the path as a Wise Woman - A Shamanic Priestess, Guide & Teacher with a vision of bridging the worlds - doing her part with reuniting ourselves with Source Consciousness - with the Divine Feminine and Masculine within each of us. 

Sage has extensive study and practice in many areas, including:

Intuitive Guidance & Mentorship

Tarot Readings & Classes

Astrology and Numerology charts & Workshops

Facilitating personal & collective Ritual and Ceremony  

Shamanic healing and journeys

Vibrational and Energetic healing

Chakra Alignment & DNA activation


Work with crystals, flower essences

Folk Herbalism - Working with plants - medicinal and magical herbalism

Creation of/ and maintenance of magical, edible and medicinal gardens

Now Sage has joined Ancestral Voices Healing Centre, she has been initiated into the healing energies of Munay-Ki “Love Energy” finishing the nineth rite on July 2021. Such A blessing, and much Thanks to Donna Stares.

Sage’s personal journey has also brought further nuance from all that she has healed, transformed and mastered within herself. She has addressed head-on … with all her heart and soul - the wounds & pain from her past. She has moved beyond the old patterns of addictive, destructive patterns that no longer serve her - in her relationships with her Self and others.  The power of these old programs/conditioning have dissolved significantly in her life and the lessons and teachings she has experienced have transmuted themselves - have woven into her work - creating a strong foundation for others to expand and amplify ALL energetic aspects of their Self - their multidimensional Self/ Soul essence as Sovereign Divine Creator BEings.

She is now experiencing truly alchemical changes at a Soul level and is thrilled to be a guide for you in your transformational journey as well!

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Eagle Vision Woman Audra 

Audra is She Who Sees Far Like the Eagle or Eagle Vision Woman and is a Traditional Healer, or Puoin
(Boo In) from the Mi’kmaw First Nation. Eagle Vision Woman comes from a lineage of Puoin in her
family in addition to having been trained from Master Shamans in Peru, Ecuador, Spain and Canada. She
was the Indigenous Healer at the World Indigenous Forum in New Zealand in 2018 and again in 2021.
Eagle Vision Woman was also the healer to facilitate healing circles at the Indigenous Health Conference
held through the University of Toronto in 2020 and had the honour of bringing Indigenous Healers from
across Canada and Turtle Island together on multiple occasions. She offers healing sessions, workshops
and coaching through the Indigenous Diabetes Health Centre, Ancestral Voices on Six Nations Reserve
and her home practice for the community. Eagle Vision Woman’s sessions include working with the
client on a holistic level to address balance in our Medicine Wheels, physically, mentally, spiritually and
emotionally. Audra was the recipient of the Peace Medal from the YMCA 2020 for the work that she has
done in the community.

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Justin D’Amico


Justin is a Bowen Therapist who’s been in the health care profession for 10 years. Graduated from Mohawk College with Health and Fitness in 2014. After being a physiotherapist assistant in 2015 recognized his passion was in healing. He saw so many people turned way by the physio clinic and he wanted to be apart of that change. Justin began his studies in Bowen Therapy at the Bowen College graduating and starting his practice in 2016. Many people came to his clinic with diagnosis of autoimmune disorders. He then developed a holistic approach for Bowen to help heal the whole-body system through reflexes correlating vertebrae with organs as well as providing advise on nutritional support. What he began to see through this protocol is that his clients became asymptomatic. Showing no signs or symptoms of autoimmune disease. This method has also been successful with clients that suffer with physical chronic or acute pain.  This approach has been quite transformative for many whether it be hips, shoulders, knees, ankles or organs it allows for the client to take charge of their own health. Providing an opportunity for clients to find a healthier lifestyle. Bowen Therapy works by stimulating the fascia (connective tissue) that lays just underneath the skin and through out the body. The body responds to Bowen therapy by enhancing healing and encouraging remodeling of the fascia to promote mobility. This stimulates the local sensory nervous system causing a reflex impulse through the spinal cord to the brain and returning to the location of tissue point stimulated. Bowen Therapy treats Headaches, Migraines, Digestive Ailments, Arthritis, Stress, Greif, Anxiety Pain in back, neck, TMJ (jaw), Shoulder (Rotator Cuff), Elbows (Golfer or Tennis elbow) and much more.

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CAYUGA NATION –  Bear Clan (Mother)

                                  – Turtle Clan (Father)

HAUDENOSAUNEE (Iroquois) Six Nations of the Grand River in Ontario, Canada.

Eldest of 12 children, a mother, a grandmother, great-grandmother and an auntie to many who share the knowledge of the Kaianerehokowa – The Good Message

As a Haudenosaunee Woman, her role in life is a Carrier of the Cultural Ways. Educator, Historian, Lecturer/Teacher, Wisdom Keeper, Cultural Consultant, Elder, McMaster University – Indigenous Student Program – ISP, Indigenous Students Health Science ISHS, Six Nations Polytech/Brantford Campus, IDHC- Indigenous Diabetes Healing Circle, De dwa da dehs nye s – Aboriginal Health Centre of Brantford & Hamilton, Ontario Federation of Indigenous Friendship Centres-OFIFC, Dodem Kanonhsa- Toronto Indigenous Cultural Facility, Traditional Wellness Councillor (Addictions), Story Teller, Artisan. 

She carries a message of Peace & Understanding.  Her walk has taken her across Turtle Island,  Grandmother Renee recently presented at the UN Indigenous Women’s Forum, weaving the Web of Peace, in NYC.

Our people were instructed in the “Great Law” from which gave us “Peace, Power & Righteousness, the sacredness of being original being. This is our original instructions to the pathway of Sken:nen” – PEACE”

Her journey has taken her to those of all ages who are in search of understanding life.  She holds a seat as one of the 13 Grandmothers on the Turtle Island Council.

As a traditional wellness counsellor for an Addiction Treatment Centre, she promotes and practices Traditional Alternative Healing for the restoring of One’s Spirit.

Grandmother Renee shares the Vision of the Great Law of Peace.

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Jacquelyn Williams 

Certified Reiki Master and a registered member of the Canadian Reiki Association. She has been practicing Reiki for over 6 years but has been on her spiritual path for as long as she can remember. Jacquelyn is a sixth generation Usui Reiki Practitioner via two lineages: Usui-Hayashi-Yamaguchi-Inamoto-Fargo-Williams as well as: Usui-Taketomi-Koyama-Doi-Fargo-Williams. Other healing modalities that Jacquelyn is trained in include Aqualead, Queldon, Ohana Generation Clearing, Certified Meditation Teacher and Wayshower. Guided by spirit, she naturally allows for any and/or all of these modalities to come through during her sessions as needed. As an artist, Jacquelyn brings an element of creative passion with her everywhere she goes and enjoys crafting and making essential oil candles in her free time. 

Janelle Porter


The medicines have been part of me ever since I can remember.  I speak my Mohawk language, and attend Longhouse ceremonies.  My journey with medicines began when I was only 2 years old.  I want to share some of my knowledge of medicines with those who want to listen.  My life has its ups and downs but for the most part the medicines are what got me to where I am today.  It’s difficult at times as not every medicine works the same for every person.  I have learned to let the medicines speak to me.  The medicines have saved me from my “crazy thoughts”, the speak to everyone in their own way.

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Sherry Sander

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Intuitive Sherry will guide and support you on your journey to Self Healing. Sherry has been connecting with spirit throughout most of her life. She shares her intuitive visions through various methods and she receives messages through animal spirit guides. She has studied many different modalities including Mediumship, Reiki and Munay-Ki. Sherry will be offering a combination of these modalities along with card Readings, Hand Massage, Chair Massage and Reiki. 

Lance Logankeye

I offer  “Peer Counselling from an Indigenous Civilization Perspective”

-the Good Mind – a process for decision making

-Peace Power Righteousness

-Kind Words, Words of Encouragement, Compassion, Great Caring (Love), Strength, Thanksgiving, One Mind

-Communication and Relationships




In modern times, it is easy to forget that healing is a process that involves both healer and patient.  Many tools are available to help achieve measurable results.  In Traditional Indigenous Medicine, healers access spirit guides and advice to help the patient change behaviors such as thoughts, actions and deeds.  Without these changes, no healing will be successful for the long term results. Our thoughts are powerful.  The trials and tribulations on this earth plane reflect the thoughts of the world as a whole.  It is up to us as individuals, to bring back peace and harmony.  Showing respect for our environment, our communities, our families and most important, ourselves is key.  We cannot change the past but we can influence the future.

At ANCESTRAL VOICES HEALING CENTRE we offer many tools to provide holistic healing.  Our therapies include drugless or natural alternatives while considering the many emotional, spiritual, physical and mental imbalances to WHOLE health.
(Iroquois) Haudenosaunee View on Healing

As Natural people of this continent, natural medicine has long been known as an important part of our identity and an expression of who we are as a people. This is something that is naturally understood and instinctively known among Indigenous populations across North America and the globe for that matter. Indigenous peoples have always known and were able to take care of their own health. Sometimes, the individual would be referred to people who were responsible for medicine societies. These people are responsible for taking care of the spirits’ medicine. The Haudenosaunee have always believed in the knowledge of their Medicine people who were ultimately responsible for using herbal medicines to help the people. The Bear/Wolf Clans hold this responsibility.